The Plants

Field Photographs by Bleddyn Wynn-Jones

The 1st garden in RHS history to exclusively use fully traceable plants, Cave Pavilion lists every plant with its individual seed collection number, describing where the seed was collected, who by and when.  Many of these plants will not have been seen before in cultivation and this is the first time an RHS garden will unveil new plant species and a new genus!  Many of these plants are categorised by the IUCN as vulnerable and endangered, but most importantly the majority remain un-assessed, illustrating the extent of the horticultural unknown, and raising the concern that many of these plants could become extinct before conservation data has been obtained. 

Acer campbellii v. campbellii GWJ9360

Daphniphyllum aff. chartaceum KWJ12244

Exbucklandia tonkinensis KWJ12209

Lindera tonkinensis FMWJ13123

Lindera tonkinensis FMWJ13123

Magnolia insignis FMWJ13051

Magnolia insignis FMWJ13051

Rhodoleia aff. henryi BSWJ11782

Sorbus japonica BSWJ11048

Neolitsea aff polycarpa BSWJ11705

Rubus lineatus from Vietnam HWJ892

Pterocarya spicata HWJK2421

Ilex sugerokii v. brevipedunculata BSWJ10856

Acer sikkimense HWJK2040

Acer crataegifolium BSWJ11036

Carpinus laxiflora BSWJ10809

Betula utilis HWJK2250 ii

Euonymus spraguei CWJ12446

Fuchsia microphylla ssp. aprica 'Dolly's Dress' BSWJ9101

Hydrangea paniculata 'Yuan-Yang' BSJ3804

Magnolia floribunda v tonkinensis WWJ12003

Oreopanax xalapensis Var. BSWJ10449

Styrax japonica BSWJ8770

Sorbus brevipetiolata BSWJ11771

Schefflera petelotii BSWJ9788

Acer heptaphlebium BSWJ11695

Carpinus japonica UA BSWJ11072

Aristolochia cucurbitifolia BSWJ7043

Daphniphyllum aff. angustifolia WWJ12020

Magnolia floribunda v. tonkinensis WWJ12003

Euonymus porphyreus GWJ9377

Ginkgo biloba BSWJ5120

Lindera angustifolia FMWJ13176

Lindera angustifolia FMWJ13176

Rhodoleia aff Henryi UA BSWJ11782

Acer stachyophyllum BWJ8101

Acer oblongum KWJ12232

Centropogon ferrugineus UA BSWJ10665

Daphniphyllum oldhamii BSWJ6872

Hydrangea paniculata from Japan BSWJ8894

Photinia villosa v. coreana BSWJ8789

Tetradium fraxinifolium WWJ11615

Phytolacca purpurescens BSWJ11251

Smilax sieboldii BSWJ12614

Stewartia pseudocamellia BSWJ11044

Acer takesimense BSWJ8500

Alnus pendula BSWJ10895

Betula utilis HWJK2250

Coriaria napalensis UA BWJ7755

Holboellia angustifolia subsp. linearifolia BWJ8004

Sinopanax formosana BSWJ3419

Schefflera aff. chapana BSWJ11833

Schefflera aff. chapana BSWJ11833

Merrilliopanax alpinus GWJ9355

Shefflera aff chapana HWJ983

Schefflera taiwaniana BSWJ3575

Oreopanax xalapensis BSWJ10444

Photographs from the field by Bleddyn Wynn-Jones of Crug Farm Plants