Sophie Walker is the ‘wild child’ among the crop of up-and-coming designers. There is nothing she likes better than disappearing into the depths of the remotest jungle in her quest for rare, unknown plants - and the wilder the place the better...
— The Resident
The Independent

The Independent

This simple but stunning garden had more atmosphere than all the other show gardens put together. Thank goodness the general public awarded it the ‘People’s Choice Award’. British Gardeners know great design when they see it.
— The Frustrated Gardener

Sophie Walker, Press Day

Victory in the Valley
— House and Garden
Preview, Sophie Walker, A Valley Garden People's Choice Award
I found Chelsea very safe. I struggled to find the avant garde with the clear exception of Sophie Walker’s Cave Pavilion
— Rachel Parker Soden
Sophie Walker: a name to watch
— Dan Pearson

BBCs Jo Swift films in A Valley Garden, RHS Hampton Court 2013

Sophie could hardly be accused of being conservative
— The Independent
My garden to take home? -Sophie Walker’s Cave Pavilion
— Monty Don, BBC

James Wong makes Cave Pavilion his no.1 'must see' garden at Chelsea 2014

With Chelsea in her sights Sophie has no idea how the RHS will react to her unique garden, ‘what I am doing is difficult in an RHS context, you are seeing plants at their rawest, which is not the traditional view. But isn’t it our job to be contrary?’ She laughs.
— Gillly Turney
An extraordinary achievement... The design proved so popular with visitors that they made it their first choice of Show Garden
— Mary Keen, The Garden

Press day, Sophie Walker

The most horticulturally important exhibit at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show... Mysterious vegetation draws spectators like a video-link to the Lost World... Unlike Plato’s Cave, it conveys realities
— Country Life

A Valley Garden wins People's Choice Award 2013 RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Sophie Walker, who came to garden design from the art world is exhibiting a highly conceptual tribute to plant hunters... Hardly muddy boots and cow parsley
— Ed Cumming, The Telegraph

Rosamund Wallinger of Upton Grey photographs A Valley Garden

Sophie Walker’s magical garden, The Cave Pavilion, is like a giant Wardian Case, filled to the brim with rare species
— Telegraph: Best Plants at the Chelsea Flower Show 2014
I loved the scale and ambition of this impressive garden
— Stephanie Donaldson, Country Living

'We're in a boat in the jungle!' 

— The Telegraph